april fools day

Don’t Let the Joke Be on You This April Fool’s Day

This April Fool’s Day, we want to raise awareness around cyber-attacks and how to spot a malicious email or website, so that you can take care of yourself and your customers.

world backup day

World Backup Day: Why Backing up Data is Important

In light of World Backup Day on the 31st of March, we want to raise a little awareness on the importance of data backup – and why you and your customers should be getting on board.

5 Cybersecurity Strategies Your Customers Should Know About

It is assumed that large enterprises are the prime target for cyber criminals because of their extensive customer data base, large net-worth and high turnover of employees. Surprisingly though, it’s SMBs that are increasingly on the receiving end of cyber-attacks.

What is a Modern Workplace and How Can it Benefit Your Customers?

With the ever-evolving world of technology and employee’s needs, creating a modern workplace is designed to keep up with the millennial demand for a more flexible way of working.

Add value to every Office 365 sale with Email Signatures by Exclaimer

Email is the first point of contact between a business and their customers, and first impressions mean everything…

5 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

We’ve pulled examples from 5 different industries to show how cyber criminals can attack and use the businesses critical information across a variety of industries. Find out more…

Moving Away From a Physical Shared Network Drive

To achieve productivity and ensure all employees can work as collaboratively as possible – a shared network drive is a must. Find out more…


Go Sitebuilder by Basekit now available from Giacom

In today’s modern era, it’s rare for a successful business to not have an online…

The Importance of Email Encryption

Hacking and ransomware, are just two of the dangers facing your email users today, so how do you ensure your customers have message control, encryption and secure file sharing with a light IT touch? Find out more…

building a website

6 Key Benefits of Having a Website

To make your customers’ life a little easier as they embark on the adventure of growing their business, here are the six main things your customers should aim to get from a website when they’re starting out…